Retaining Clients with Value Added Services

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Retaining Clients with Value Added Services

November 26, 2017 Tips & Tricks 0

The case study is inline with ITIL V3. One of my friends, client too, approached me yesterday and we were discussing about domain name transfer .. She felt it was being over charged by a web hosting company called E.. At first, requested to renew domain name, after first payment was made, requested to renew hosting as well ..

Why can’t they just mention all the charges in one single bill, clients which are not IT-background sometimes get confused with the bundled services . So what we did, I requested an EEP code to perform a migration from them to – my company I am currently working as Project Manager.

My client sent an email stated very clearly to request for EEP code, unlock domain lock status, disable WHOIS ID Protection and update DNS server, yet when their customer support replied, all they care was asking my client’s opinion on why moving out from them .. My client refused to share such information and requested again with the information and on top of that, she also stated clearly she do no wish to share any additional customer experience and do not wish the migration processed to be delayed.

At the same time, at my side as her registrar, I approach the live chat at E and requested to speed up . To my disappointment, with a live chat request and a clearly stated email , they still bother asking my client the reason she is moving out and being reluctant to not provide the EEP code .. So I would like to make a small heads up to all web hosting / domain name hosting client out there, YOU HAVE THE TOTAL RIGHTS TO REQUEST EEP CODE AND MOVE OUT FROM YOUR CURRENT REGISTRAR ANYTIME .. Here’s the first chat which did not resolve anything but continuously asking for feedback the second time ..

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