Apple is taking a step further enabling ease of use and accessibility

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Apple is taking a step further enabling ease of use and accessibility

June 7, 2018 Tech News 2

#Apple extends its accessibility support by introducing #Hearing which can be accessed quickly via Control Center in the new #iIOS12. Live Listen support in AirPods is key. The inclusion of this feature makes AirPods more capable and more alluring; it’s significant given they are almost universally hailed as one of Apple’s best products in years.

Here’s how to enable it in Control Center and allows you to easily access it.

  1. Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls
  2. Scroll till you see “Hearing” at the More Controls section
  3. Slide the option up to Include section
  4. Swipe down on the top right section for Control Center and tap on Hearing
  5. Tap on “On”

Live Listen is a feature Apple developed and eventually launched in 2014 that allows iPhone users with hearing aids to hear people in noisy environments or from across a room, such as a crowded restaurant or lecture hall. If a compatible hearing aid is paired to a user’s phone, there are options to turn Live Listen on and off, adjust volume and even set it as their preferred Accessibility Shortcut.

Read on more about Apple Accessibility here.

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  1. Alan Maze says:

    I think this feature is really useful considering the fact that not all devices that are enabled with W1-chip is able to do that. It has definitely bring its reputation one step closer towards inclusion.

    • Team says:

      Thanks for reading Alan. I couldn’t agree with you more that these are part of corporate social responsibilities that Apple is taking the lead in such initiatives. I hope more firm would include accessibility into their design methodology.

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