What you need to know as a beginner in photography ?

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What you need to know as a beginner in photography ?

October 15, 2017 Tips & Tricks 0

Our partner company who specializes in photography would like to share a few tips and tricks.One of the core member in the team, had the following saying :

1. LOVE your camera
No matter how small or big , cheap or expensive. the one that u own is the best for you in the meantime, so love it

2. Know your camera well
Remember where are buttons and settings menu located in your camera to save your time in taking complicated images

3. Be patient and learn the basic
Basics of photography are mostly about aperture, shutter speed , ISO , white balance and so on. if you are using DSLR make sure you know how to adjust all the aspect.

4. Remember in mind every object is beautiful
You are the one who judge it : trust your feeling and get the best angle that you think its good

5. Always share with the people around you
Ask for their opinion. especially from the expert.

6. Camera brand is not the most important aspect
But it sure will change the way you learn. sharing information with similar brand’s user will help improve faster

Keep trying ! the more you take a shot , the better you know the camera, the better images that you will produce.

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