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Optimizing Email Messaging

May 10, 2018 Tips & Tricks 0

It is common for us to deal with hundreds of emails daily and yes, you have to be highly attentive when attending to your emails especially those requesting for high priority technical support. However, in many cases, emails get missing in your inbox (probably you moved it to another folder) or accidentally marked as “read” and you were not aware of not (maybe not yet) attending to it.

Often in managing large projects, incoming emails can be overloaded especially when the email conversation is being “replied to all” – so even with a one line text, the conversation thread will be accumulated. Well, using thread view could be the best practice for you now but ever thought of when the conversation grows even bigger than you could imagine? Try using a corporate wiki platform? Your call!

Recently, we received an email, asking us very simple technical related question regarding SEO and Web Solution, together with a few to-do items. To our astonishment after reading the three pages long (standard A4 size) email, we thought the message could be delivered at most in a two paragraphs (half of a standard A4 size). Needless to say, the long email was not circulated to the team but rather summarized it before passing it over as they may not be reading it entirely. So think! Are your emails so long that may annoy the recipient when reading it?

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