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March 3, 2018 Tips & Tricks 0

As we indulge ourselves more into this unit, we will learn that both blogging as well as social media broadcasting strategies, to certain extent, they are overlapping each other. Enterprises in today’s world are continuously upgrading themselves to keep up with the rapid-growing technology. As part of the title above reads, “web 2.0″ did not come about from no where; it came from web 1.0 of course.

It is crucial for you to understand what has evolved from the web 1.0. When the World Wide Web (www) was created, users interact with webpages by just reading content as what was published, in which it was a one-way communication. Users do not interact with the webpages. Updating of the content in the webpages are done by webmaster / web designer of the organization. Now, this static manner of communication didn’t last long when social networks came into play, and that’s when the era of web 2.0 started.

Web 2.0 allows users to interact not only with the webpages / web system, but also collaborate with other users in a virtual hosted environment. This scenario can be closely related with the birth social media platforms like MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Blogger, WordPress and etc. Wikis, too, are prominent examples found within the web 2.0 sphere whereby it allows anyone to add, edit and publish content. A wrap up to both of these web versions are that, web 1.0 is one way, authoritarian, passive, static and closed while web 2.0 is two-way, democratic, active, dynamic, and collaborative.

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