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Optimizing Website Design

January 14, 2018 Tips & Tricks 0

Being a webby (that’s what I usually called people doing web jobs alot), I have been in the industry with some experience for more than 2 years, and I always believe in sharing a always a virtue of caring. In this line, they are many people sharing great tips with me too, so here’s some tips and tricks to making a killer web design, solely my opinions and I do not condone anyone to practice this if not applicable.

Developers and designers nowadays are 2 distinctive roles in the web world. They play different roles too whereby a designer usually designs the layout / coming out with a concept for a website. The usual one are always scrollable from top to bottom, flash-enabled, so on and so forth. So have anyone tried horizontal scrolling ? It might attract your visitors to explore you more with interesting design work, you might also want to try using random scrolling whereby you can scroll diagonally and a vertical after a horizontal scroll or vice-versa. So here goes the first point, THE FLEXIBILITY IN PAGE SCROLL. Let’s see what can we do next :

1. Fully utilize all possible white spaces

White space in between a page is always not good, but making it too filled up is not good too, therefore, optimizing the white space or any other spaces are always a good choice. You can always fill your spaces with images, graphics or a flash-animated object. Just bear in mind not to leave too much space in your page (page too short).

2. Turning your website navigation into a “Spot-Me” contest

Navigation friendly website keep your visitors longer on your website and tends to explore more. Let’s take an example, if you are given a sea of small objects to identify, it needs to much patience to locate that one particular object. To make it navigational friendly, always place important links in a sitemap (also improves site SEO) and a main navigational bar (can be on the top, left or right region of the page). Never practice over complex navigation.

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