Optimizing the Social Media Platform

This is an additional post for INB 346 – Enterprise 2.0. I would like to share some of my findings and my personal implementation strategies for AdrianCJY.com Web Solution. By just implementing strategies for corporate wiki, social network, micro-blogging and blogging will not make an organization to be categorized as “Enterprise 2.0″. This adoption of 2.0 should be continuous and increase communication and interaction with various party whenever possible.

I have included two other initiatives as catalyst to it:

1. Email / Newsletter Blasting

Over the years of being in the web industry, I have built up my humble customer database as well as email subscription database from my readers. As I have mentioned in my previous post, one of the key to success in implementing strategies for social network is NOT TO SPAM – only send relevant information to selected parties.

I practiced what I preached – by sending out newsletters / emails to my subscribed users under the “Technology” and “IT Updates” categories, every time I have done a blog post on Enterprise 2.0. I also practice the common email privacy policy whereby allowing my subscribers to opt-out from the mailing list, and thereafter they will not be receiving any newsletter in the future. Extending my effort to captivate more customers / readership, I have a media team at AdrianCJY.com to personally send invitation emails to previous subscribers and new potential subscribers, to promote our web solution services.

Opt-ing out from the mailing list ensures subscribers to not receive automatic newsletter sent to them, but did not refrain the media team’s initiative to establish further communication – this does not violate the communication act. So another tip is, abide to email privacy policy at the same time, optimize all possible opportunities without violating the act.

2. Guest Blogging – SEO Back-linking

Search engine optimization – SEO, is one of the very important attributes when comes to social media. The main aim of utilizing social media platforms is to reach out more readerships. Readers are mainly humans, they can interpret what is appropriate and what is not for them. What about robots?

SEO techniques help to increase search-ability content in a website, blog or even social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and etc as mentioned in the previous blog posts. Back-linking is one of the SEO techniques, so get someone with highly-reputable in the online community to write about your organization.

As return, link back to the source of the guest blogger / guest writer. This creates a win-win situation for both parties because when a search engine robot (i.e Google bot) crawl over both the websites, it actually award these websites with more link juices. The link juice (used to determine page rank from 0 – 10) can be collected from several sources – high relevancy in SEO Description and Keyword Tags, low bounce rate, high incoming traffic and not limiting to back-linking by connecting mutually with other sites.

P/s AdrianCJY.com provides solution on SEO and I am also currently an SEO Intern in Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) Pty Ltd.

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