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Site Maintenance

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All our site maintenance requests are attended by a project manager and you will be advised accordingly . Maintenance is performed at a rate of $70 per hour . We have always emphasized , using our service is as easy as 1-2-3 , just use the contact form on the right to get in touch with us and we will get it sorted out for you . In some times , a site maintenance project will be handled by other solutions - web solution / media solution depending on the maintenance requests . We will always do our best to keep the your money worth for what you are paying .

Content Management System

Our team is highly literate in configuring the latest content management system (CMS) to suit your need . CMS is usually installed as a web-based service in our client's hosting server to allow them to seamlessly add , edit and delete contents in their website . Besides installing ready-made CMS to your new website , we can also build custom-made CMS to be integrated into your website . We are now progressively developing our in-house CMS , which will eventually allow all our clients to login through this very one portal and allow them to manage their respective website from there - will be integrated to Manager App .

Some of the most commonly open-sourced CMS we have been recommending to our clients are :

  •       Wordpress
  •       Joomla
  •       Drupal

As proposed by the team to be few of the beta testers to use the in-house CMS , I no longer manage my site by logging into my domain CMS , not all the pages in my website are dynamic , so this Manager App is dedicated to those few dynamically updated web pages . I have to say , this CMS developed is light-weight and user-friendly . Hope to see the real launch soon !
- Jim Jordan Daigu M (Writer from California - ZPriest)

Talk to our friendly team today and rememeber using our service is as easy as 1-2-3

Layout Customization

Layout customization is different from a web design package . You will be responsible in choosing a layout you desire , usually for your blog and let us know of it . We will then install the layout and customize it accordingly . Changes made as opposed to the original layout will not be more than 15 % as we respect the Common Creative License (CCL) .

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Copywriting is the use of words to promote a person, business, opinion or idea. Wanted to advertise / project a new product launched by your company and can't really get into words to write it ? No worries, we are here to solve your problem. With our professional team , your product will be known in the best possible way in no time . Maintaining your website regularly ensure the contents in it are always up-to-date . Out-dated information projected over the website shows the lack of update . Please be advised that this service of copywriting is different from SEO Copywriting . This will be more strongly focused from the aspect of literature and marketing .

Use the contact form on the right if you wish to customize the above package

Quick response indeed you guys ! The write up was very impressive for our product in such short time and limited information furnished . Great job !
- Chia (Product Manager , I Office S/B)

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