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IT Project Management Solution

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IT project management solution is one of our latest services which we have included into our series . We believe by leveraging proper project management methodologies and technical skills will catalyze and ensure the success of a project outcome . Our team of professionals is accredited with a wide range of International-recognized accreditation , namely - PRINCE2® , PMBOK , ITIL .

IT Consultation

Let's start with what is IT Consultation and how you can benefit from this ? This service is targeted to newly established web design firms or IT solution companies - we step in to the new projects and provide solution advices (not hands-on managning it) , allowing them to carry out any projects smoothly . Our team member will be the specific project's acting project manager until the end of the project . This service simply saves you operational cost by not employing a permanent project manager especially during the low season .

You can also use our service to overcome temporary staff shortage or lack of expertise . Every project starts with a plan , hence planning stage takes up the most time . In order to optimize this stage of project , it is essential to employ an experienced project manager to draw a good start . We may assist you by drafting a blueprint / design draft or a project execution plan , and thereafter it will be all up to you whether to use our service for project management solution .

Without doubt Adrian "knows his stuff'. He is never short of an authoritive and informed answer for any question, and his promptness and professionalism when replying to emails really has to be seen to be believed – it is almost instant.
- Richard Cowley (Founder , Manager - Brolga Project Australia)

Talk to our friendly team today and rememeber using our service is as easy as 1-2-3

IT Project Management

Whilst , IT project management , is holistic solution provided to you in a whole , to manage any IT-related project from head-to-toe (which includes consulting and managing the project) ; Project Management from planning > analyzing > developing > implementing > maintenance . We no longer manage any IT-related projects with the classical waterfall model as requirements elicited today may be different the next day in today's rapid changing technological world . Now , we practice by doing the iterative and hybrid model for all project . Our firm's capability is proven by being able to handle multiple projects simaltaneously .

One of our partner company , Website Solution Sdn Bhd has always realized the importance when accepting new web projects in a very project management oriented approach . Typically , in a website team, there is – programmer , layout designer , graphic designer , web developer and a web support engineer ; we have been their project management solution for more than 4 years to help interleave the functions of each team member to faciliate flawless communication . In short , IT project management solution catalyzes project execution performance for the management of small intricate projects through to highly scalable IT developments that benefit your organization .

We have used's service as our total project management solution . In each web maintenance request sent by the customer , Adrian tries to understand the requirement and then start to work on the changes . Cost estimation will be given to customer and follow up has to be done . Adrian handles it professionally , quick and in time .
- Earn Pin Lee (Director , Website Solution Sdn Bhd , Malaysia)

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